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Den_Uyl_Designations.zipDeposition Bundle107.28 MB2015-02-24Deposition Bundle of Den Uyl, R. Bruce 2014-10-24
TREX-233884.pdfExhibit1.26 MB2015-02-24October 23, 2014 Press Release: BP Announces Oil Discovery in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
TREX-013156.pdfExhibit388.76 KB2015-02-24Proof Points Related to the March 2014 Investor Presentation excerpt
TREX-013158.pdfExhibit1.86 MB2015-02-24Methodology and Assumptions
TREX-230016_Redacted.pdfExhibit867.37 KB2015-02-24E-Mail From: David Janise To: Chris Alonzo Sent: Tue 6/22/2010 7:27:16 PM Subject: RE: GC 518#3 - SCSSV Changeout
TREX-230370.pdfExhibit215.58 KB2015-02-24Letter - From: Tucker, Roger of Chevron, To: BP America, Inc.: Re: Hold Harmless and Indemnity, Storage of Equipment at Chevron Ivanhoe Shorebase, 05/26/2010
TREX-231279.pdfExhibit9.01 MB2015-02-24Victim Impact Statement - Letter From: Buddy J. Trahan To: Sarah S. Vance Re: United States v. BP Exploration and Production, Inc. Case 2:12-cr-000292 Document No. 43 Filed: 1/16/13
TREX-231282_Redacted.pdfExhibit2.40 MB2015-02-24Victim Impact Statement - Letter From: Eileen Kean Jones To: The Honorable Sarah S. Vance Case 2:12-cr-000292 Document No. 44 Filed: 01/16/13
TREX-231455.pdfExhibit23.63 MB2015-02-24McClenachan G, Turner RE, Tweel AW (2013) Effects of oil on the rate and trajectory of Louisiana marsh shoreline erosion. Env Res Lett 8:044030
TREX-232367.pdfExhibit2.67 MB2015-02-24BP Global. BP Announces Significant Discovery in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, 18 Dec. 2013. Web. 10 Sept. 2014
TREX-232520.pdfExhibit772.12 MB2015-02-24Volume, "Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment," Committee on Improving Risk Analysis Approaches Used by the U.S. EPA, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Division on Earth and Life Studies. National Research Council of the National
TREX-246907.pdfExhibit1.52 MB2015-02-24CDC Website, Information re n-Hexane
TREX-013208.pdfExhibit3.67 MB2015-02-24Sen. Thomas R. Carper Holds a Hearing on Gulf Coast Financial Responsibility, Part 2
TREX-230483.pdfExhibit196.98 KB2015-02-24GRM - Segmental Reporting
TREX-233619.mp4Exhibit701.09 MB2015-02-24AV File: CEO.mp4 showing CNN interview of Tony Hayward giving his assessment of the oil spill. The US offers only the segments of the video running from 0:00-2:11 and 4:46-8:48. The segment running from 2:12 - 4:45 is not being offered into evidence.
TREX-233619.pdfExhibit3.86 KB2015-02-24AV File: CEO.mp4 showing CNN interview of Tony Hayward giving his assessment of the oil spill. The US offers only the segments of the video running from 0:00-2:11 and 4:46-8:48. The segment running from 2:12 - 4:45 is not being offered into evidence.
TREX-233896.pdfExhibit2.31 MB2015-02-24BP Press Release: BP Forms Alliance to Advance Paleogene Discoveries in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
TREX-240383.xlsxExhibit21.24 MB2015-02-24BP IH Working Copy Data Sheet
TREX-240383.pdfExhibit3.98 KB2015-02-24BP IH Working Copy Data Sheet
TREX-240392.xlsExhibit1.30 MB2015-02-24OSHA Working Copy Data Sheet
TREX-240392.pdfExhibit3.97 KB2015-02-24OSHA Working Copy Data Sheet
TREX-240443.pdfExhibit340.81 KB2015-02-24Signed Guarantee - BP PLC.pdf
TREX-240444.pdfExhibit364.31 KB2015-02-24Signed Guarantee - BPCNA.pdf
TREX-242576.pdfExhibit1.47 MB2015-02-24Bejarano, A.C., Levine, E., Mearns, A.J. 2013. Effectiveness and potential ecological effects of offshore surface dispersant use during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill: a retrospective analysis of monitoring data. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185:10281-10295
TREX-246904.pdfExhibit1.64 MB2015-02-24CDC Website, Information re Benzene
TREX-246905.pdfExhibit1.49 MB2015-02-24CDC Website, Information re Ethyl Benzene
TREX-246906.pdfExhibit1.64 MB2015-02-24CDC Website, Information re Toluene
TREX-247625.pdfExhibit93.31 KB2015-02-24US EIA Spot Prices - (Data 1 Tab) (Update to TREX-247607)
TREX-013242.pdfExhibit9.38 MB2015-02-24Deloitte - Governance of Subsidiaries: A survey of global companies
TREX-013276.pdfExhibit3.55 MB2015-02-24Gulf May Avoid Direst Predictions After Oil Spill
TREX-013533.pdfExhibit15.04 MB2015-02-24Revisions Needed to National Contingency Plan Based on Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
TREX-245787.pdfExhibit330.12 KB2015-02-24Dear, Eric Interview Summary Form
TREX-247601B.pdfExhibit2.05 MB2015-02-24WTI Last Day Financial Futures - CME Group -
TREX-247605.pdfExhibit791.65 KB2015-02-24Share Performance from 8/15/2014 - TOT COP CIE APC HES
TREX-247621.pdfExhibit2.12 MB2015-02-24Brent Last Day Financial Futures Quotes - CME Group
TREX-247623.xlsxExhibit15.68 KB2015-02-24Option Adjusted Spread of the US Dollar High Yield Energy Sector from 8/15/2014 to 01/13/2015 (Daily) (publicly available from Bloomberg) (Update to TREX-247598)
TREX-247623.pdfExhibit1.32 MB2015-02-24Option Adjusted Spread of the US Dollar High Yield Energy Sector from 8/15/2014 to 01/13/2015 (Daily) (publicly available from Bloomberg) (Update to TREX-247598)
TREX-247624.xlsxExhibit593.56 KB2015-02-24US EIA Real and Nominal Oil Prices- ; (Crude Oil and Notes and Sources Tabs) (Update to TREX-247266)
TREX-247624.pdfExhibit831.36 KB2015-02-24US EIA Real and Nominal Oil Prices- ; (Crude Oil and Notes and Sources Tabs) (Update to TREX-247266)
TREX-247625.xlsExhibit2.31 MB2015-02-24US EIA Spot Prices - (Data 1 Tab) (Update to TREX-247607)
TREX-247637.pdfExhibit21.95 MB2015-02-24Fact Sheet and Twelve Invoices from the US to BP Exploration and Production Inc. -
TREX-013182.pdfExhibit11.73 MB2015-02-24Fish Assemblages in Louisiana Salt Marshes: Effects of the Macondo Oil Spill
TREX-050444.pdfExhibit2.49 MB2015-02-24Settlement Agreement Between BP and MOEX
TREX-062999.pdfExhibit4.28 MB2015-02-24Settlement Agreement: Confidential Settlement Agreement, Mutual Releases and Agreements to Indemnify by BP Exploration & Production Inc. and Cameron International Corporation (including BP Corporation North America Inc.)
TREX-240467.pdfExhibit103.99 KB2015-02-24BPXP Unanimous Written Consent, Jun. 1, 2009
TREX-240664.pdfExhibit331.91 KB2015-02-24BPXP Power of Attorney, dated April 8, 2014
TREX-240841.xlsExhibit79.50 KB2015-02-24Wood Mackenzie Kaskida (KC 292)
TREX-240841.pdfExhibit3.95 KB2015-02-24Wood Mackenzie Kaskida (KC 292)
TREX-240849.pdfExhibit1.55 MB2015-02-24Wood Mackenzie Corporate Report Methodology and Assumptions
TREX-242225.pdfExhibit1.74 MB2015-02-24Email from D. Nagel to D. Kennedy re Gulf of Mexico Update; May 5, 2010 Update
TREX-244053.pdfExhibit787.69 KB2015-02-24Burger, Joanna. 2014. Poster. Productivity of waterbirds in potentially-impacted areas of Louisiana in 2011. GoMRI 2014.
TREX-244055.pdfExhibit5.29 MB2015-02-24Powers, S. and R.L. Shipp. 2011. Second Supplemental Report to Alabama Marine Resource Division [regarding diseased reef fish]. Gulf Fishery News, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. June-July 2011. pp. 2-3.
TREX-245710.pdfExhibit7.75 MB2015-02-24Letter from Michael Utsler to Harold Wright re Daily Skimming Operations
TREX-245783.pdfExhibit401.89 KB2015-02-24Wieczynski, Phil Interview Summary Form
TREX-246024.pdfExhibit1.76 MB2015-02-24Nelson, J.R., Bauer, J.R., and Rose, K. 2014. Assessment of Geographic Setting on Oil Spill Impact Severity in the United States - Insights from Two Key Spill Events in Support of Risk Assessment for Science-Based Decision Making. J. Sustainable Energy Eng. (accepted Sept. 5, 2014), DOI: 10.7569/JSEE.2014.629510.
TREX-246746.xlsxExhibit67.22 KB2015-02-24NAFCO- BP Company Clearings
TREX-246746.pdfExhibit82.06 KB2015-02-24NAFCO- BP Company Clearings
TREX-247341.pdfExhibit10.63 MB2015-02-24Face the Nation Transcript November 9, 2014: Obama, Bush, available at
TREX-247466R.pdfExhibit320.31 KB2015-02-24Email from R. Windsor to P. Zukunft et al. re July 14 Aerial Dispersant Approval Request
TREX-247596.pdfExpert Report5.62 MB2015-02-24EXPERT REPORT: Supplemental Expert Report of R. Bruce Den Uyl
TREX-012303A.pdfExhibit49.74 MB2015-02-24Annual Report and Form 20-F 2013
TREX-012430.pdfExhibit6.36 MB2015-02-24Group Plan Template chart (black/white)
TREX-012432.pdfExhibit8.92 MB2015-02-24The BP Proposition Investor Update
TREX-012553.pdfExhibit23.99 MB2015-02-24May 2014 Investor Update
TREX-012730.pdfExhibit2.71 MB2015-02-24Intra Group Current Account Facility / Internal Financing Accounts (IFA) Agreement Term Sheet
TREX-012732_Redacted.pdfExhibit1.63 MB2015-02-24Corporate Structure and Finance Note re SFN Establishing an IFA Agreement Between NAFCO and BPXP, Attached E-mail re Agreement
TREX-013147.pdfExhibit75.07 KB2015-02-2401/13/2003 Order re Ecolab versus Gardner Manufacturing Co. re Motion to Exclude the Late-Filed Expert Report and Improper Testimony of R. Bruce Den Uyl
TREX-013148.pdfExhibit2.65 MB2015-02-24Fresenius USA v. Baxter International case decision
TREX-013149.pdfExhibit430.40 KB2015-02-2405/26/2009 Order re Cynthia Jean Goff versus Harrah's Operating Company re Motion in Limine to Exclude Testimony of Bruce Den Uyl
TREX-013150.pdfExhibit3.01 MB2015-02-24Integra Lifesciences 1, LTD v. Merk KGaA case decision
TREX-013152.pdfExhibit8.98 MB2015-02-2401/27/2014 Order Regarding Motions to Exclude the Reports and Testimony of Expert Witnesses Docs. # 698, 702, 704, 705, and 711, MSC. Software Corporation versus Altair Engineering
TREX-013153.pdfExpert Report52.33 MB2015-02-24EXPERT REPORT: 08/15/2014 Expert Report of R. Bruce Den Uyl
TREX-013157.pdfExhibit947.41 KB2015-02-24Excerpt of David Bucknall Deposition Transcript July 2, 2014
TREX-013159.pdfExhibit1.36 MB2015-02-24WoodMackenzie Exploration Acreage Summary
TREX-013160.PDFExpert Report3.29 MB2015-02-24EXPERT REPORT: 09/12/2014 Expert Response Report of R. Bruce Den Uyl
TREX-013161.PDFExpert Report3.16 MB2015-02-24EXPERT REPORT: 09/26/2014 Expert Rebuttal Report of R. Bruce Den Uyl